It's Global Goals Week! Here's 3 Things To Check Out

If you haven't heard, it's Global Goals week! The United Nations project to help push forward 17 sustainable development goals is having several different meetings and events to maximize the awareness and action towards making these goals a reality. We'll be there too for some of the NYC events, so keep your eyes peeled!

Here's 3 things we want you to know about this amazing week!

1. The Global GoalsCast

Need a podcast recommendation? Global GoalsCast is a podcast series focused on storytelling for good. The podcast inspires listeners to take action by sharing the stories of known and unknown heroes who are making positive change in the world.  This female-run podcast, with a bias towards girls, is an innovative and compelling medium through which to communicate the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals. 


2. An Interview With Our Founder About The Global Goals Collection

Exciting news! #CEIproject has just published an interview with With Love Darling's founder, Elisabeth Crossley-Wright! Read the article to learn more about Elisabeth's ambitions with our Global Goals Collection, female entrepreneurship, and more.


3. Coming Soon: The Global Goals Charms - Silver Edition

Are you as in love with our Global Goals charms as we are? They're available now in 14k gold, but we have an upcoming silver collection on the way! Stay tuned for more updates.


Have a great week!


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