Introducing: The Nature Collection

When you imagine a healthy planet, what do you think of? We like to imagine lush forests, full of thriving, beautiful plant life. Harness that vision and your passion for the environment with our brand new Nature Collection!

One of the pieces is inspired by the motif of the Ashoka tree, a plant found in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Sanskrit meaning of Ashoka is ‘Sorrow-less’ or ‘without grief’. According to Indian astrology, the Ashoka leaf takes away pain and brings happiness and prosperity. 

We're also inspired by the Tulsi plant, that comes from the infamous goddess of the same name, being a manifestation of heaven & earth. 

There's also the Neem leaf, which purifies the atmosphere and kills germs. Grown in households and hospitals, it's rumoured to be particularly protective of women and children. 

All our pieces are available in sterling silver or with gold vermeil plating, with dazzling zircons for an added touch. 

The collection is live on our website now. Harness the power of nature, and let's grow together!

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