How You Can Help In The Fight Against Climate Change

BRACELET: Global Goal #15: Tree of Life

This post is inspired by our Global Goal #15: Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet!


While Greta Thunberg is helping bring an amazing message on fighting climate change forward, she can't do it alone. Here's some links, resources and info on what YOU can do to join the movement:

Find Your Nearest Global Strike 

This interactive map website can show you where the nearest strike will be taking place where you can join others to protest climate change. Most events are happening Friday, September 27th.


Join A Local Campaign

Want to continue to make change? Look up local campaigns in your town or city to start getting to work.


Educate Yourself!

We need to learn about what we're fighting for. Websites like Climate Central are great resources to giving you all the facts.

-The With Love Darling team

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