Holiday Gift Ideas

Last minute Christmas shopping can be a huge stress, and that's the last thing we need during the holidays. If you're needing some inspiration to find the perfect piece for a loved one (or even yourself!), With Love Darling has you covered. 

The Global Goals Collection

Inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, each goal has a charm to represent its message and power. Embrace the fight for clean water with our Water Droplet Pendant, or show support for healthcare with our Heartbeat Charm.

The You & Me Collection

Some say the world was created with every living person having a certain, single soulmate for themselves out there. Honour the connection between two people with the sweet and simple You & Me necklaces. 

Blue Topaz Eye Bracelet

We're always looking out for change, and you can too. Available in sterling silver or gold plated vermeil, this bracelet is as striking as it is beloved. 

Animal Medallions

Animal totems are an important part of the Native American heritage. In a way, specific animal instincts and characteristics represent the qualities that we humans should learn to emulate. Take on the power of the animal kingdom with our Animal Medallions. 

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