Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Your Christmas Shopping Solved

It's that time of year again. Snow is falling, the lights are up, and sleigh bells can be heard ever so slightly in the distance. The holidays are right around the corner. It's easy to get wrapped up in the stressful mindset of the holidays, with family visits, shopping lists to complete, Christmas activities and more all on your to-do list. 

This holiday season, think about the people who have made a significant impact on your life. It's been a long year, for better or for worse, so who helped you through it? An old friend you were able to vent on the phone to? Your mom for making your favorite meal? Or a coworker who made the work week just a little more fun? The act of giving somebody a piece of jewelry is the perfect way of showing your gratitude, love and thanks, so why not make it a With Love Darling piece? Here's our holiday gift guide for December 2019!


The Global Goals Collection

Everyone has a goal. We've talked in length about the details of our Global Goals collection that we're incredibly proud of, so gift someone a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earring so they can show off the issues they're passionate about and are fighting for. Available in 14k gold, silver or vermeil, choose the charm that speaks to you.


The Global Goals Bangle

Showcase the power of the goals, all in one gorgeous bracelet, available in either gold or rose gold color. 


The You & Me Collection

Unbreakable bonds are hard to find. Having someone in your life that you can rely completely on, and have complete trust in is a rare and special occurrence that should be celebrated. Treat yourself to something that celebrates that special connection if you're lucky enough to have found it. Here are three necklaces from the "You & Me" Collection that celebrate the connections we keep with one another.


Animal Medallions

Find your wild side by wearing these animal totems around your neck and taking on their symbolisms. From butterfly, peacock, lizard, beetle and more, choose whichever beast from the animal kingdom speaks to you.


Stay tuned for more gift ideas!

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