Let's Bloom! Here's Some Spring-Inspired Pieces We Love

We've almost made it! Spring is coming in hot, and we can't be happier. Even though it's about a quarter through the year, I think of Spring as the beginning of the year. You get to pursue things the chilly winter winds wouldn't let you do, you're more ready to tackle the outdoors, and the sunshine just makes you feel GOOD! Celebrate the end of this chilly winter with our Spring-inspired jewelry:

With fresh leaves blooming, check out these gorgeous (and affordable!) gold leaf earrings to embrace the spring season.

Palm trees are supposed to represent victory, but to us, they also just represent SUMMER! This little necklace will help you feel like you're somewhere relaxing on a tropical beach. 

Now that the nights are getting shorter, who doesn't love to take advantage of a warm night in the park star-gazing? This necklace comes with two sparkling stars, representing you and your loved one.

When the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon as the gorgeous butterfly, it's ready to spread its wings and make a change. Take inspiration from this medallion, and add it to your necklace to help give you guidance. 

Take some luck o' the Irish with this classic symbol of luck and prosperity, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

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