Global Goals Week: What Can I Do To Help?

If you haven't heard yet, it's Global Goals Week, where we're celebrating this progressive movement to help make these amazing ambitions a reality. This week, world leaders are gathering in New York City is discuss the goals and their progress, with hopes they'll be achieved by 2030. Needing a refresher on what exactly the Goal Goals are about and why we're involved? Click here

When I've talked with others about the GG project, most people would love to get involved, but seem unsure by how exactly they can help out. After all, how can one person help out with such a worldwide movement? It definitely can be a little intimidating. Here's some things you can do to help be a part of the cause!

1. Share, Share, Share!

While it seems like the GG movement is massive, there's still lots of people out there who aren't aware. Share your thoughts, opinions and information (like this video) about the movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more!

2. Research. What Are YOU Passionate About?

The Global Goals Website has tons of resources on different organizations and charities to choose from. For example, #FreedomForGirls focuses on aiding young women from abusive environments, providing accessible healthcare, and more.   

3. Be Involved

Since Global Goals Week is happening NOW, hop onto Twitter and see what's happening! Follow the hashtags #GlobalGoals and #SDGs to get all the updates on who's saying what, and make your voice heard!

Stay tuned for more updates on Global Goals week!

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