Global Goals Week: Goalkeepers 2018

Global Goals Week: Goalkeepers 2018

With Global Goals week well underway in New York City, there's influential people from all over the world giving passionate talks about working towards achieving the goals. These people are called the Goalkeepers, individuals from all walks of life who all share the common ambition to make the world a safer, stronger and more sustainable place. Want to learn more about the Goalkeepers? Click here!

Here's a few of the speakers who made an appearance:



Ed Sheeran, Bill Gates, Dysmus Kisilu, Nadia Murad, Amika George, and Melinda Gates.  


Bill Gates talks with Sierra Leone's President Julius Maada Bio and David Moinina Sengeh

President of France, Emmanuel Macron


And we're there too! If you see us, come say hi!


Want to watch all the talks? The entire event in on Youtube:


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