Film Find: A Star Is Born

Here's a weird confession. Lately I've discovered I don't really like watching movies. It's odd to admit, since I'm such a diehard TV fanatic, but movies usually run too long for me, and it's tough to give a moving arc to a character in just two hours or less, as opposed to multiple episodes in the TV world. Anyway, forget all that because I just saw A Star Is Born and it was fantastic.

Seriously! You'd think a movie by first-time director Bradley Cooper, that's the fourth reboot, starring pop star Lady Gaga who has little acting experience sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it pulls off one hell of a magic trick by making an incredibly moving film about music, love and tragedy. 

A Star Is Born focuses on Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper), a country/rock superstar who deals with addiction and loneliness. While stopping by a bar for a drink refill, he encounters Ally (Lady Gaga), an struggling singer with an stunning voice. You probably know where this goes next. Jackson and Ally quickly fall in love, he brings her on stage for a duet and her star power is undeniable. Ally's music career skyrockets as Jackson's addictions start to posses him completely.

Since Ally and Jackson are musicians, the movie has great music all around. It's all original just for the film, and Gaga dominates with her powerhouse vocals. Cooper surprisingly keeps up as well, despite never singing before. As I said, this movie pulls off an amazing hat trick. We believe in the love the two main characters feel for one another, why they're so drawn towards each other. It's an experience at the movies I haven't felt in a very long time. 

Go see this movie if you need a good cry and some new songs to wail to in the shower!

Have a great weekend!

- Fraser 


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