Fighting The Winter Blues

This week's post is inspired by the Hammer Charm, a symbol for the 8th Global Goal: Decent Work And Economic Growth. Work hard to achieve your own personal goals!


Well, it's over. Here in Montreal, we're known for our humid summers and freezing winters, with not much room available for spring and fall. We had some autumn fabulousness for all of October, but as soon as we hit November, cold fronts have started to creep in and my heart sank when I saw the weather report for next week. Yep, we're going down into the negatives with a chance of a snowstorm. I don't want to overuse the popular Game of Thrones quote, but winter truly is coming.

Sorry, do I sound like a downer? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for winter wonderlands, the holidays, skiing, and all that jazz, but it's hard not to feel a little blue when you realize so much of the fun outdoor activities you love won't be available to you for quite a while. And it's an issue of human biology as well! Less sunlight on the human body can disrupt brain wave activity and hormone production, so sometimes there's a deeper issue on why we get the winter blues. 

But never fear! There's tons of cool ways to trick your mind and body into fighting off the low season moods. Here's a few from me:


Listen To Happy Music

I love my moody music for when I'm feeling particularly angsty, but it's been shown that cheerful, poppier music does improve the mood. Take Carly Rae Jepsen's new song "Party For One" for example. It's about embracing your bad mood and loneliness, and just having fun with it! Dance away.

Wear Bright Colours

I realize this sounds a little silly, but there really is something to be said about "fake it till you make it". Trick your brain into thinking of summer colours by wearing your favourite orange, yellow or bright red jumper. Go crazy!

Include Lots Of Vitamin D In Your Diet

We get our vitamin D from the sun, but did you know there's tons of foods that have it too? Try incorporating cod liver oil, milk, yogurt, eggs, tuna, salmon and any kind of fish to your meals to add an extra dose of sunniness. My fave? Lox bagel with cream cheese... ahhhhhh.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Not a skier? This winter I'm making it my goal to join a gym. Nothing's a better mood booster than starting your day (or afternoon) off with a good, sweaty gym or yoga session. Check out our workout tips post from the summer!

Start A New Project

Put your focus into something you've been putting off for months. Ever wanted to try sewing? Or get a leg up on some homemade Christmas presents? Now's the time to start! Let your mind flow, and take some creative risks as well.


We can do this! Have a great week <3

- Fraser (Communications Coordinator at With Love Darling)

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