Explore the World! 5 Incredible Travel Locations You May Not Have Known About

Looks like Montreal is headed for another heat wave. Times like these when repetitive weather gets me down, I daydream about some incredible location that I have yet to discover. We all get the travel bug now and then, and since we're inspired this week by our Earth Charmhere's 5 amazing locations we're itching to go explore.

1. Tane Mahuta in New Zealand 

This over 2,000 year-old tree is located in the Waipoua forest in New Zealand. What's so cool about it is that in the Mãori language, its name means "Lord of the Forest". It's over 167 feet tall, and a gorgeous sight to behold.

2. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

A 1.8 mile-long path through a wooded archway, this railroad goes through many colours with the seasons, and is a popular spot for lovers to walk through together. Located in Klevan, Ukraine!

3. Bamboo Forest in Japan

Located in Kyoto, this vast forest of towering bamboo is a magical location. Best part? It's free to visit! Be on the lookout for monkeys, rare birds and more.

4. Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

Found near the Loas-Vietnam border, Son Doong is one of the largest and widest caves in the world. You can go for a quick swim, or even a camping trip. Make sure you don't go when it's raining!

5. Utrecht, Netherlands

This choice is a little biased since I lived here myself for 6 months, but Utrecht really is an amazing place. A smaller version of Amsterdam, it's a town filled with gorgeous canals, cobblestone streets, cozy pubs and incredible bike paths. Hands down one of my favourite towns in the world! I'll be discussing it more in later blog posts!


What are some best kept secret places that you know about? Let us know!



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