Costa Rica

Costa Rica

This week we’re obsessed with all things Costa Rica. 

I recently visited Santa Teresa and fell head over heals in love with the healthy, laid back atmosphere and the ‘Pura Vida’. 

Directly translated to ‘the Pure Life’ it really covers everything that’s considered clean, authentic, healthy, kind, beautiful and so on. 

Costa Rica was one if the first countries to understand and embrace the importance of protecting our planet, and therefore you won’t see a single hotel or development along the coastline. All buildings are to be built behind the tree line, giving an impression of being on a desert island. It's so rare and wonderful. 

Santa Teresa itself is filled to the brim with fit and healthy twenty-something’s, who are completely devoted to surfing and yoga - or both. 

Everyone seems to wake up at sunrise and head directly to the beach to catch the waves before the scorching midday sun sets in. Small groups of yoga enthusiasts are dotted along the stunning beaches. 

The population more or less follows the rhythm of daylight  and after the sun sets, people retreat to the delicious, hip little restaurants and cafes before turning in early to prepare for another day on the sea. 




Where to stay:

Casa Flotanta All your tree house dreams coming true, this house is build in the canope of the jungle, looking out to the sea. Howler monkeys and Iguanas an arm length away.

Pranamar is a lovely villa hotel on the beach. Its quiet and full of yoga devotees. You can drop in for a session every day at 10am

Where to eat:

The bakery makes the most delicious smoothies, coconut bowls, pastries and cakes for breakfast, and their lunch and dinners are as good.

Koji is a cosy out doors sushi place.

Drift bar does great tapas and takeaway cocktails.

Go to Costa Rica to see for yourself, but in the meantime you may want to check out our Goal #13 that is Climate Action.



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