Check Out Our Photos From The World Economic Forum!

With Love Darling just wrapped up our amazing few days at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland! 

If you weren't aware, The World Economic Forum was an independent event showcasing how businesses and government can cooperate to help benefit the world. In their own words, the forum aims to demonstrate proper entrepreneurship within the global public interest, while upholding the highest standard of governance. World leaders as well as royalty and CEOs from the world’s leading companies all were in attendance with a common goal in mind, to help change the world. We were so fortunate to be a part of it to learn and listen, while also showcasing our Goal Goals Charms Collection!

Check out some photos from the event!


Arrived in Davos, Switzerland!

Climbing the steps of change..

Our gorgeous Global Goals charms on display!

Had an amazing chat with the legendary singer and philanthropist Bono

Musician and philanthropist sporting our Global Goals #4 charm bracelet!

Attendees gathered, to mark the launch of the Citizen Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals by kicking off the "Every Breath Matters" campaign. 

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