Celebrating Our New Eclipse Charm With 5 Facts!

We're always excited about new products at With Love Darling, but our new Eclipse necklace is something special! Here's 5 facts about the piece to teach you about its conception, influence and more!

1. It's our interpretation of the 10th Goal for our Global Goals Collection: Reduced Inequalities. This goal fights for a different kind of equality. Prosperity needs to be distributed among the population in a fair process, regardless of gender, race, economic status or religious beliefs. Once we can find a way to work together and find equal footing, change is just around the corner.     


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2. Why use an eclipsing moon? For us, it's showing that dark times are temporary, and change is on its way. It's an attitude we all can take on during the tough periods in our life. "It's always darkest before the dawn"



3. The Global Goals website has tons of resources and information for helping educate and contribute to making this goal a reality! Check it out HERE.

4. The next solar eclipse to happen in 2019 is on December 26th! Eclipses are said to represent big changes in one's life, whether it be in relationships, jobs, or just changes from within. What do you want to change?

5. What's your favourite song to celebrate the eclipse? Ours is quite obvious.....

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