Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This is the day where we celebrate this planet we call home, while also bringing awareness to environmental protection that still needed to be pushed forward. Support your local communities and forests this week and strive to find ways to help our earth stay green.

This past year has made many of us appreciate the earth more than ever. Some of us found that with so many things closed, the great outdoors was widely available, and we learned the benefits and charm of spending a long day outside in a park, at the beach, or even alone on a mountain. It's quiet moments of reflection here that it's important to realize that we need to keep working to help make our earth healthy and safe. It's a two-way street for ourselves and the earth to coexist with one another.  

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

Looking for more facts on Earth Day and how you can help? Visit earthday.org/earth-day-2021/

Also, celebrate Earth Day in another way with our Earth charm, available in silver or gold!




Happy Earth Day, from the team at With Love Darling!

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