Bese Saka: Meaning and Influences

Our Bese Saka charm is a popular one, representing the 2nd Global Goal: Zero Hunger. Through the promotion of sustainable agriculture using fair systems, this goal aims to put an end to global hunger. You can learn all about this particular goal right HERE

We wanted to choose a symbol that wasn't based in North America, so we could introduce our community to symbols and history from across the world. The Bese Saka, a symbol for the cola nut, has multiple meanings in West African culture. It represents affluence, trade and commerce, while also symbolizing plenty and togetherness. 


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The symbol belonged to the Asante (or Ashanti) peoples, who would print them on cloth, as well as pottery and metalwork. The Asante people resisted British colonial rule when it arrived in West Africa. It may be for this reason that much cultural tradition and symbolism survives to this day. The word ‘adinkra’ means ‘farewell’ or ‘goodbye’ in the Twi language, spoken by the Asante people. 

it's important to know about the history of the symbols we find in everyday life, as to join in on an interconnectedness with the surrounding world.

Our Bese Saka charm is available for purchase HERE.

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