Be Mine: Our Valentine's Day Inspired Pieces

We're just a few days away from the official day of love: February 14th, aka Valentine's Day! Have someone special in your life that you're wanting to share your heart with? Here's our personal favourite pieces from our site that perfectly encapsulate the love between individuals:

Coral Heart

Coral symbolizes happiness, wisdom, mortality and the ocean. Give this coral heart to someone who reminds you of the vast, gorgeous sea.


Heart Studs

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, so why not your ears?


'Our Hearts Are Always Close' Necklace

Two hearts, connected forever. Give this necklace to the person who's keeping your heart close.


Global Goal #5: Equality Heart Silver Necklace

Equal hearts, equal minds. Show your love for your partner, as well as the fight for equality with this necklace from our Global Goals Collection.


Global Goal #3: Heartbeat Silver Earring

Every heart beats, but who does your heart beat for? Wear this simple, yet elegant earring to dazzle and raise awareness for good health and well-being.


Key Charm

Only one person can unlock your heart. Give this charm to the one who can. 

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