Accepting Uncertainty

This has been an odd, stressful, and at times frightening year. With pandemics, riots, elections, and every other crazy thing you could imagine happening in the world, you can't be blamed if all you want to do if lock away your phone and TV and hide under the blankets until 2021 comes around.

But is that all we can do? Sure, we can meet all these stressful days and frightening headlines with our heads held high, or simply let it roll off our shoulders. But for many, the most frightening thing that's come up this year is the absolute uncertainty of things.

We don't know when we'll be able to have big family gatherings again, or when things will go back to our version of "normal". We don't know how the world will react to the newest news headline, and we don't know when we'll have a day where things seem perfectly pleasant. Uncertainty is the new normal, and to be honest..... it can really be a bummer some days.

We need to start being real with ourselves, and start accepting our uncertainty. Anxiety Canada wrote that the best way to handle uncertain times is to simply R.O.L. with it, as in Recognize, Observe, and Let go. Try even going beyond accepting uncertainty. Befriend it. 

And guess what? Almost everything in life is uncertain, from your dinner plans to the news, to what you wanna watch on TV tonight. All we can do is accept what's changing, and find a way to tolerate, and adapt. 

Not the answer you were looking for? Unfortunately, nothing's ever easy. In the meantime, how do you calm your mind down during a particularly crazy day? We like to take a few moments of pause, play whichever music chills us out (our current favourite is Lo Fi Hip Hop Radio below!) and just..... be. 

From the WLD team, stay strong out there!


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