A chat about ethically sourced diamonds

One of the really fun perks of doing a startup, is to encounter others on the same journey. I was lucky enough to meet the dynamic team behind Taylor & Hart - a truly fabulous jewellery brand which craft the most incredible bespoke engagement rings.

Taylor & Hart is a disruptive e-tailer of custom-designed, ethical engagement & wedding rings, that capture people’s stories. 

Their goal is to democratise bespoke jewellery and to reconnect customers with the original purpose of Jewellery - a personalised product that tells a story. 

They are „Storytellers at heart“ and offer a bespoke design service through specifically developed technology online and in-store as well as “customer first” personalised service.

Customers can choose to meet an expert in their London or New York showrooms to get advice, perfect their design, receive a 3D printed replica and touch and feel the product before buying.

They share my passion for ethical production and in particular lab grown diamonds. I wanted to know more, and they kindly shared their expertise with me. Here are some questions I asked them:

What sets you apart?

We’re a bespoke jeweller and as such, we want to offer our customers a wide range of options to help them craft the jewellery piece(s) of their dreams. Moreover, our company supports innovation and technological advancement–lab-grown diamonds certainly exemplify both.

What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are made in laboratories using one of two methods. These laboratories either replicate the high pressure and high temperature found in the Earth’s mantle where mined diamonds are formed, or they use superheated gas to grow the diamond crystal.

How does growing a diamond in the lab help the environment?

Lab grown diamonds have some positive effects on the environment as they do not require large scale mining which does have an ecological impact. Lab grown diamonds require an immense amount of energy to be produced, so they can leave a carbon footprint unless offset by other methods like renewable energy.

What are the greatest benefits of producing diamonds in this way?

The biggest benefits will be around access and environmental impact. Lab grown diamonds are more cost effective than their mined counterparts, thereby allowing more people to own a diamond.

The featured rings are a few of my personal favourites, but hop over to their site to find your own.

Oh - and the best thing? You can chat with them via WhatsApp! Talk about personalised service...


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