A Drop of Love: The Meaning Of Our Gems

Have you seen our gorgeous Love Drop Charms? Each one is made with a specific stone, shining in a beautiful colour that would look perfect as an earring, or attached to a necklace or charm bracelet. Gems have always had strong significance to many, with some believing they can help with dreams, anxiety, and meditation. Here's a little cheat sheet on what the stones from each of our Love Drop Charms represent!

Rose Quartz: Love and trust. Said to hide your heart from disappointment and heartbreak.  

Amber: Nurturing. Said to be a protective stone for growing children, and helps balance out negative energy.

Amethyst: Cleansing. Keeps your mind clear of negative or confusing thoughts. Also said to help with drunkenness!  

Aqua Marine: Peace and communication. Inspires truth, good luck and fearlessness.

Blue Topaz: Clarity. Helps with calming, meditation and communicating with spirits. 

Green Chalcedony: Healing and joy. Helps provide a calm, happy atmosphere.

Moonstone: Mystery and dreams. Helps fight nightmares and insomnia. 

Serpentine: Longevity. Provides energy from the earth that helps with success and encouragement.  

Smoky Quartz: Grounding and endurance. A sacred stone for many years, this is also said to have healing properties. 

Which stone are you in need of? Check out our wonderful collection here.

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