5 Steps To Fight Those Winter Blues

In case you were wondering, your favourite WLD blogger is currently living in Vancouver, B.C., land of delicious sushi, gorgeous mountains, and rain, rain, rain. Yep, while we aren't suffering from the -30 temperatures and heavy snowfall that most people in North America experience, the coast of British Columbia experiences nonstop rain during the winter months, and it can really get you down. Just today, CBC statistics announced that Vancouver has received a 200% increase in rainfall compared to last year, so that means staying inside much more frequently. 

Look, everyone gets the winter blues. It's scientifically proven that sunshine is good for your health and elevates your mood, so what can one do when grey and dark clouds are staying on the horizon? Here's some tips we've found to help with your mood and keep things on the positive side:


1. Find Light Wherever You Can

While staying inside your cozy home looks great, try and get some steps outside the moment in clears up. Nothing helps my headspace more than a good walk while listening to my favourite tunes. Want more light? Invest in a Light Box!


2. Watch What You Eat

We're all guilty of snacking our fave salty foods for a day on the couch, so try and stick with things like berries, bananas, veggies, or protein and vitamin D-rich meals to keep your spirits up and your belly happy!


3. Work It Out!

Can't go outside to exercise? No problem. Create your own indoor workout routine with Youtube videos of yoga sessions, or even online training!


4. Play Your Favourite Tunes

Music helps more than we realize. Playing music that brings back happy memories, chills you out and and just generally makes you feel good is great for putting your household into the proper happy mindset. 


5. Talk It Out

Feeling down? Talking to someone can work wonders. Call up your friend you haven't heard from in forever and ask what's up. Ask your local grocer how his day is going. Even the smallest of conversations can brighten people's day and remind you of how great people are out there.


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