5 Exclusive Pieces You Can Get At Our Pop-Up Shop On June 30th!

Ring the alarm! We're so excited to host our pop-up shop in Montreal on Saturday, June 30th from 11am-3pm. We'll have mimosas, cupcakes and be selling several exclusive pieces of silver and gold-plated jewelry! Here's 5 of our personal favourites that will be available:


1. Silver Initial Studs

Did you know silver has held symbolism for wealth and industry, and even said to be a mirror to the soul? That's deep! Keep the first letter of your name or your special someone on your ear wherever you go. We have several different letters available, so come see what we have!

2. Bunny Earrings

Are these inspired by cute bunnies, or Ariana Grande's iconic "Dangerous Woman" look? Either way, these studs will look adorable on you.

3. Elephant Charm

Did you know elephants have been symbols of luck for generations? Carry this little guy around to bring good fortune wherever you go. We'll also be selling chains!

4. Vintage Rings

Yup, we'll be selling some one-of-a-kind rings at our pop-up shop! This ring in particular holds a Chrysoprase crystal that represents optimism, joy and happiness! 

5. Coral Earrings

These earrings are embedded with Chrysoprase crystals as well, and are inspired by the ocean. They're also incredibly easy to clip on and off!


We can't wait to see you at the pop-up shop! To come to the event, check out our Facebook, or message us on Instagram to get the address!

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