4 Ways To Stay Cool During The Next Heat Wave

Just last week, Montreal went through one of the hottest weeks in the city’s history. It definitely was an experience to say the least, with my clothes becoming absolutely drenched in sweat and most of us had zero energy to do anything. And just when we’ve all assumed that the worst is over, the weather report is warning of several more hot and humid days to come for the next few weeks. Argh!


Since we talked about fitness tips last week, we thought it would be great to provide some great tips for staying cool for the rest of the summer. We’ve hyped up this season so much during the winter, you can’t just spend the entire time inside with your fan in your face!


1. Seek Out The Chill Places

Spending a few hours in an air conditioned building can do wonders for recovering your energy. Go spend your evening at the mall, the movie theatre, or your public library. Don’t worry about missing out on the sunny weather! There will be lots more later on.


2. Put A Spin On Your Bottled Water

Water is insanely important during this heat, but why not add a bit of flavour? Here’s some things that make your water taste much more refreshing and delicious.


  • Mint leaves
  • Frozen grapes
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Cucumber strips or slices
  • Lemon or lime slices


3. The Wet Sheet Method

Hot nights getting you down? A method that’s worked surprisingly well for me is wetting your sheet in cold water, wringing out every drop, and sleeping with it! The dampness keeps you cool, and it will be dry in the morning. Having a fan blow over you throughout the night adds an extra coolness as well.


4. Stay Away From Caffeine

I love my iced coffees as much as the next person during the summer, but cutting caffeine out of my diet has worked wonders. Instead, try out iced Rooibos teas! This South African tea is completely caffeine-free, filled with antioxidants, and are super hydrating. Stores like DavidsTea or other tea shops have a variety of delicious flavours as well.


Stay cool friends!

- Fraser

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