The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.


The quality of transparency or purity.

Life can be confusing. We're offered so many different paths that seem daunting, tempting, or both. It's difficult to choose the right one and feel like you're making a smart decision, so wisdom and clarity is something we're all in need of.

These charms are symbols for a clear, open mind. Wear them to give you the guidance you need to follow your path, and your path alone. 
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Small Lucky Elephant Charm
Small Lucky Elephant Charm
From $150.00 CAD
Small Lucky Elephant Charm - Vermeil
Lucky Elephant Charm
Lucky Elephant Charm
From $150.00 CAD
Loyalty Necklace - Little Elephant
Diamond Hoops with Tiny Charms
Mosaic Charm (London Blue Topaz)
Mosaic Charm (Blue Topaz)
Love Drop Charm (Blue Topaz)
Lucky Elephant 18K Gold Cord Bracelet
Mosaic Charm (Lapis Lazuli)
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