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'Our Hearts Are Always Close' Necklace
Butterfly Medallion Necklace
Closure Necklace - Little Key
Dragonfly Medallion Necklace
Fly Me to the Moon Necklace
Global Goal #1: Abundantia (Vermeil)
Gold initial disc necklace - available in all letters
Gold initial necklace - available in all letters
Guidance Necklace - Little Angel
Hope Necklace - Little Bird
Hummingbird Medallion Necklace
Lizard Medallion Necklace
Love Necklace - Little Heart
Loyalty Necklace - Little Elephant
Luck Necklace - Little Clover
Miniature Charm Choker
Miniature Charm Choker
Peacock Medallion Necklace
Together We Are Lucky
Together We Are Stars
Together We Can Fly
Victory Necklace - Little Palm
Wish Necklace - Little Star
You Give Me Guidance
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