An intense feeling of deep affection.

Love can take several different forms. Love for friends, for family, for partners and more. It's a deeply special bond between individuals that we're all lucky to experience. 

These pieces represent finding love, or holding onto it. Choose the one that you feel represents your connections. 
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Rose Gold Heart Pendant - Engravable
Love Drop Charm (Rose Quartz)
Lapis Heart
Lapis Heart
$150.00 CAD
'Our Hearts Are Always Close' Necklace
Mosaic Charm (Rose Quartz)
Love Necklace - Little Heart
Little Heart Studs
Little Heart Studs
$250.00 CAD
Little Heart Charm With Diamond
Little Heart Charm
Little Heart Charm
From $150.00 CAD
Little Heart 18K Gold Cord Bracelet
Isabella Egg Charm
Isabella Egg Charm
$600.00 CAD
Key To My Heart 18K Gold Cord Bracelet
Diamond Hoops with Tiny Charms
Coral Heart
Coral Heart
$200.00 CAD
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