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The swan symbolizes inner beauty, strength & grace.

She teaches you to accept both the inner and outer beauty of yourself and others, while remembering that everybody is beautiful to someone. The swan also reminds you to nurture yourself as well as others. She represents life long loyalty to family and friends. When the swan appears in your life, it is time to tap into your own spirituality to help others, and become more empathetic.

Animal totems are an important part of the Native American heritage. In a way, specific animal instincts and characteristics represent the qualities that we humans should learn to emulate.

However, because we lead such busy lives, often there is no time for self-reflection. Having animal totems surround us gives us pause to reflect and perhaps make important changes for the better to our mind, body and spirit.

This item features a stunning round medallion with a swan motif.

  • Rendered in 14 k or 18k yellow gold
  • The words "Inner Beauty & Grace" is engraved in the back
  • Composition: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Color: Gold



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